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23 Years

For over 2 decades, iRipple has provided Best-In-Class after-sales support.

Strengthening Partnerships

At iRipple, our commitment goes far beyond delivering exceptional retail solutions. We’re dedicated to fostering lasting relationships with our clients and providing unparalleled after-sales support to ensure your success.


Retailers are able to scale up and speed up using iRipple technology.


Lead retailers to greatness through technology.

Core Values


Possessing strong moral principles 


Cultivating a growth mindset to embrace challenging goals


Having the willingness to take risks and act innovatively


Championing original and unconventional ideas


Moving with a sense of urgency and adaptability 


Actively listening with respect and compassion

Our History

2000 - 2005

Founders Victor Javier and Hubert Dy established iRipple in the Philippines in 2000 as a software development company where they created custom applications for clients. Later on, they decided to focus solely on providing technology for the retail industry - leading to the creation of Barter POS, iRipple's core product.

2006 - 2010

iRipple steadily grew and added major retailers like Suysing, Super 8, GABC, and Primer – establishing iRipple as a major player in the local retail technology industry. Consequently, as iRipple kept on expanding – one of the founders, Victor Javier, worked on a software-as-a-service web-based POS called Imonggo for the international market. Imonggo is now used by retailers across 169 countries worldwide. In 2009, iRipple also became publicly listed on Philippine Stock Exchange.

2011 - 2015

The continued success from Imonggo opened the possibility for iRipple to expand internationally. Taking Mydin, Star Fashion Group, LME and Agmark part of its valued clients, hence, the incorporation of iRipple Malaysia and iRipple Thailand. In 2015, iRipple bought back its public shares to be a 100% privately owned local corporation. While pushing for international success, iRipple continued to expand locally in the Philippines by serving highly regarded clients like Prince Retail Group and Bonchon.

2016 - 2020

iRipple expanded with Hanrio and Imaghine. Fernan Lukban, iRipple's current Chairman, joined in 2016, followed by CEO Ivan Lanuza in 2019, who brought Retina. Their offerings advanced into various retail tech solutions. In 2019, Victor, Ivan, and Hubert founded MySuki, valued at $10 million in 2022, backed by CVC Capital Partners through Fast Logistics.

2021 - Present

Despite the headwinds brought about by the pandemic, iRipple further boosted their local presence by adding major retailers like CMG/Celine Group, Asian Home Appliances, and Shakey’s Group into its client base. With an eye towards the future, iRipple continues to look for ways to bring about its vision of having retailers speed-up and scale-up through technology.

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